Share Files Like a Pro-Send or Receive Files in Less Than 2 Seconds

Share Files Like a Pro-Send or Receive Files in Less Than 2 Seconds. File sharing is already a habit and you can’t deny that fact. You just have to learn the modern way to share files like a pro within the shortest time available. The traditional methods of sharing files between electronic devices is time consuming and you don’t have to dwell or use that methods again.

Most people are aware of the xender app and how to share files with it from one phone to another and never thought of how to use it with computer. Sometimes when you want to share files from your PC to your phone and vice versa, there will be a need to use cord to run the connection, thereby using the media transfer protocol (MTP).

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In using this method, there may be a problem of cord because some cords are really not meant to use for sharing files. There can also be a problem of ports either in your PC or your phone. These can be a hindrance when you need to share important files.

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Now, surebuttons has made everything so easy for you by creating your awareness to this method of sharing. You can share files between your phone and computer using the xender app without internet connection. Here, you don’t need the xender app on your PC neither do you need an internet connection. The only thing required in your PC is a web browser.

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How can I share files like a pro?

  • Launch the xender app on your android phone
  • Tap on your profile and select “Connect to PC”
  • Tap on hotspot and create hotspot
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi connection in your PC and connect to the hotspot
  • Launch the web browser in your PC and type “192.168.43:33455” in the address bar
  • Click “accept” from the pop-up that will appear in your phone.

Then you can share as much files as you want

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