Airtel 20GB For N200 – the one thing airtel never advertised

Airtel 20GB For N200 – I bet you, you may have never heard of this Airtel 20GB For N200 because it is a secret made not to be revealed to the general public. But what do we gain if we see the truth and hide it from our dear subscriber like you. We love to help you monitor your pocket.Airtel 20GB For N200

The secret revealed on this article today has been tested and it is perfectly working, the Airtel 20GB For N200 should be for all and that must not be hidden from you. Now to start enjoying this offer, you have to recharge your Airtel Sim card with N200. Hey wait a little. I think it is right you know the instructions before spending your N200. Hahaha! I caught you. Chai! We like free things too much. But who on earth ever want to spend on what he or she can get free? You are in the lane dear. We love it free and it should be free for goodness sake. That is why I have always loved fastfingers where I get free airtime on daily basis for just N33. I advise you join them as well as I do. Have you heard of this airtel free airtime cheat?

Talking too much about this Airtel 20GB for N200 trick may even make it more hidden. But pause a little, do you really want to start browsing the internet with just N200 of Airtel airtime like a boss? Then put on your reading glass to see the following instructions very well.

How to Get Airtel 20GB for N200

  • If you don’t have up to N200 airtel airtime on your phone now, register on to get free airtime and then recharge your phone. Make sure you have up to N200 airtime.
  • Dial this code *688# and then reply with 2 to get 20gb valid for 25days.

If you dial the code correctly, you will receive a short of Message confirming that reads “you have successfully subscribe to a kind of Facebook and Whatsapp stuff”. Forget what is written on train and follow the moving train. Naps! That can be catastrophic at times, but not on this case. Forget the facebook or whatsapp stuff and check your Airtel Bundle by with *140# on your phone with immediate alacrity.

Well, I don’t know what you may doing after here, but you owe me a service. Hahaha! It is not money dear. I need you to share this article with your family and friends to enable them participate so that they will stop telling you they don’t have airtime or asking you for airtime when they know we are all in the same Nigeria. We love you.

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